Covertex Wall-covering

Would you like to design your rooms flexibly and integrate our high-quality fabrics on your walls?

The Covertex wall-covering system is a universal and adaptable system that is as suitable for the design of new builds as it is for renovating existing buildings. The supporting rails are attached to the wall and the selected fabric is fixed to the rails using a special spatula. It can be flexibly adapted to the room’s features and existing elements such as sockets and lights can be easily integrated. Whether as a full-surface alternative to wallpaper or to accentuate individual walls, it ensures better room acoustics and provides heat insulation.

_ sound absorbing
_ heat insulating
_ quick and clean installation
_ doesn’t require any construction work
_ flexible rails allow free forms and curves
_ fabric designs can be swapped as often as you like
_ ideal for concealing small flaws
_ countless possible uses, e.g. back wall-covering on wardrobes and shelving units, room dividers, headboards, and many more



What is needed for a successful installation?

System components: _ Metal spatula to pre-load the fabric
Plastic spatula to tighten the fabric
Covertex rail without profiled edge for full-surface wall installation
Covertex rail with profiled edge in the case of uneven contact surfaces for partial wall covering
Molleton for thermal insulation and noise reduction

Tools required:
A folding ruler and pencil
Cutter, fabric scissors and plastic scissors
Cordless screwdriver and screws
Hand stapler and staples

Of course, you will receive all system-relevant materials directly from us. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service at Link or by phone at +49 6171 632 200.

Your benefits when living with Covertex

Insulates heat, saves energy
The layer of wadding located between the covering and the wall provides additional insulation and prevents loss. This increases the surface temperature of the wall and ensures a pleasant room temperature with energy-saving potential.

Absorbs sound, improves acoustics
Zimmer + Rohde Covertex is an ideal acoustic solution for both private and commercial spaces.* Zimmer + Rohde Covertex reduces the unpleasant noise of footsteps on a variety of smooth floor surfaces such as tile, laminate and parquet, thereby significantly improving room acoustics.
* Sound absorption tests from the independent Hohenstein Institute confirm an excellent degree of soundproofing.

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