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Easy Care

The "Easy Care" label relates to the washability of removable covers as well as the simple cleaning of hard cushions. Whether ink, chocolate or lipstick has stained your upholstery during everyday life, it can easily be cleaned overnight with soapy water, clear water and subsequent drying. Persistent stains such as nail polish or ballpoint pens can be removed with conventional acetone without residue. Cleaning with dilute sodium hypochlorite can even be used if discoloration from jeans or cotton trousers occurs and will not affect the Easy Care cover fabrics.

Infinity series

The Infinity cover fabric series includes 5 unique products that can be cleaned with ease.


This casual yet elegant upholstery fabric with a velvety soft feel and a lively blend of colours is extremely durable and easy to care for, thanks to its special finishing.


Talent, which has a casual, sporty tweed look, can be obtained in a comprehensive range of colours produced with modern natural dyes.

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