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Design Ideas

Design Ideas

Why not let yourself be inspired by our design ideas and discover the endless variety of ways in which elegant fabrics can be shown to their best advantage. Discover how you can enhance the durability of your fabrics with the right care. For you we have put together an assortment of fabric combinations as well as some fashioning hints.

Fashioning Hints | Urban Jungle

Merl – an array of design possibilities

Be inspired and check out our tips for working with your fabric.

Fashioning Hints | Vibrant and Pure

Mercury – versatile block stripe

Fabric MERCURY of the Zimmer + Rohde collection VIBRANT AND PURE shows it's all-round usability.

Fashioning Hints | Geometrics

Outdoor or In

The fabrics of the new Zimmer + Rohde Spring collection offer various, fascinating possibilities for decoration.

Fashioning hints | Collection URBAN RHYTHM

window decorations and decorative pillows

Stainless steel rings, box pleats or stand-up seam - The following PDF-file contains descriptive fashioning hints for modern window decorations and decorative pillows.

Fashioning hints | Collection Gallery

edging and hanging system

Side edging and special hanging systems enable modern window decorations with generous folds.

Fashioning Hints | Collection COMING HOME


The new ZIMMER + ROHDE fabrics encourage individual and versatile ways to hang curtains.

A real eye-catcher

Fabric wall coverings

Inspiration for classic fabric wall coverings is found in the silk wall coverings in castles, palaces and manor houses. Such pieces must be created by an experienced specialist, who position wooden borders on the wall, to which the cloth banners are then attached.

Endless variations

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are an excellent alternative to curtains. They can be produced in endless variations. The only thing to consider is that the fabric should not be too thin and light in order to avoid drooping and ensure they remain firm when opening and closing. With opaque fabrics or lined blackout material, complete darkness can be achieved, whilst semi-transparent decorative material can create a charming look with different light effects.

Energise or calm the room

Mix & Match

Cushions create a pretty little presentation surface for your favourite fabrics or new textile discoveries you simply couldn’t resist for your home.

A new outfit

From old to new

A new cover gives a breath of fresh air to old, but beloved furniture. Given a new outfit, your armchair or sofa will flaunt new vivacity, bringing anupdated look to the whole room. When considering the right fabric and style, the help of a specialist interior designer should be sought, as even the keenest DIYer will be out of their depth. This is especially important when going for a permanent, non-removable cover.

A surprising touch of sophistication


During the second half of the 19th century, increasingly elaborate upholstering techniques for ladies’ fashion sprang into being, especially in France: frills and ruffles were teamed with elaborate edging and buttons. From an old stitching technique which was originally used to prevent padding and lining from slipping, the ‘capitonné style’ was developed. It is also known as button tufting, since buttons or small fabric pompoms are stitched deep into the fabric at regular intervals.

Much more than a simple cover

Throws and bedspreads

A bedspread can be much more than a simple cover for your bed and bedclothes for aesthetic reasons and intimacy. The large surface area of a bed offers itself as the perfect stage to show off beautiful fabrics – where else could special materials with large patterns be displayed and admired over such a wide space?

Hide and seek

Room divider

A room divider is not only a practical privacy screen, but also an ideal surface for displaying a fascinating fabric – whether used as a feminine accessory in the bedroom or to separate a space, such as the dining area.


Wohnen mit Stoffen

By Elisabeth Berkau, published by Callwey (only German). Available in book stores and at Zimmer + Rohde for €39.95.

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